Message from Sussex Police: Chichester shop staff beware of charity fraud

| March 2015

Message from Sussex Police – Arun Neighbourhood Policing Team

Calling for all shop staff to be mindful:

Two males have recently distracted staff in a shop in Arundel after claiming to be collecting for charity. A customers mobile phone was then stolen.

One man is described as white with very dark hair wearing a dark jacket and jeans. The second man is described as shorter with a brown coloured jacket and jeans. Both are thought to be of Eastern European decent.

A similar incident took place in East Sussex this week.

Call police if you have concerns a crime is in progress or about to occur:

If you are interested in joining the ChiBAC radio scheme for events like these, please contact Tessa Callingham on 07785 715873 or via email at [email protected]

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