Street Focus: A little TLC for Chichester

| April 2015

You may have noticed a number of newly painted and re-fitted shop windows throughout our City centre over the past few months. This has been part of our Street Focus initiative that aims to improve our City in time for new visitors during the summer season.

Under this biennial scheme, businesses were encouraged to view our City from a visitor’s perspective to see if they came up with any suggestions for improvement. We are delighted at the resounding positive reaction from a large proportion of our City’s businesses and look forward to seeing the improved frontages from Sugar (South Street), Next (East Street), Thorntons (East Street), Mothercare (East Street), Car Phone Warehouse (North Street) and Creations (South Street).

To those businesses with future plans for improvements, those with changes already implemented or any individual that has influenced the Street Focus initiative, we’d like to extend you our gratitude for playing an essential part in improving our City centre.