Support for Keats Sculpture Project

Local sculptor seeks donations for Keats sculpture project.

The project supports local artist and sculptor, Vincent Gray, as he replaces one of the benches in Eastgate Square with a Keats sculpture bench as well as displaying maquettes at Anglesey Arms Halnaker, St Richards Hospital reception, Waterstones Bookshop, Council Building North Street and Chichester Library. BID paid for planning permission which was received last year and lasts for five years.

Placing the sculpture in Eastgate Square is significant as it will stand adjacent to a blue plaque on the house where Keats stayed in Eastgate, Chichester, in 1820 whilst starting work on the poem ‘The Eve of St. Agnes’.

However, Vincent Gray needs to raise £30,000 in order to replace the bench in Eastgate Square and says that the sculpture will be a ‘community interest project’.

In order to help fund the project, the macquettes are available for individuals to buy in resin for £3,000 and bronze at £7,500 each. These sculptures are limited edition and there are only 9 available for each and have even been signed – so get in there fast! Profit from each of the sales goes directly back into the £30,000 project.

To donate to this cause or to find out how to become part of this great investment, click here or download the flyer below.

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