Devolving Sunday Trading Rules – Chichester BID’s opinion

| August 2015

Chichester BID believe that city traders should have the option to operate over the weekend at the hours which suit their business best.

High streets remain an important part of the choice people now have for shopping, utilising a service, dining, entertainment, and having a cultural and/or visitor experience. High streets are becoming more and more popular as places of eating and entertainment and with city office space being increasingly changed to residential, it is likely that the night-time economy will be improved as high streets evolve.

Therefore, we believe it is important for us all to recognise these trends and changes in modern consumer habits – as our customers seek greater choice in access, quality and convenience from the high street.  Traders should have the opportunity, through extended Sunday Trading hours to maximise their efforts and business turnover to help them re-coupe their operating costs within the city centre, if they so choose.

We’ll be watching this space….

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