The BID and the Chichester Vision

| February 2018

The Chichester Vision, now called Chichester Tomorrow, has been approved by the District Council and has been published with an accompanying Action Plan. You can download all the final versions of the documentation here.

It is common to believe that these kinds of things just gather dust on a shelf but I am pleased in this instance that a full Action Implementation Plan has been published alongside. Your BIDF Board are delighted that there is sufficient confidence in the Chichester BID at Member and Senior Officer level at the three Councils to see the private sector the lead partner for certain elements of the delivery of this plan. This is unprecedented and a real opportunity for businesses to have an impact on how the city will perform in the years to come.

These responsibilities are as follows:

BID Businesses are Lead Partners for:

  • The Look and Feel of the City (with City, District and Visit Chichester)
  • Create an environment that is Welcoming to Students and Young People (with the University, District, City, Visit Chichester and the College)
  • Improving Chichester’s Retail Offer (with all 3 councils and Visit Chichester)
  • Establish a Thriving Evening and Night-time Economy (with College, University, County and District)

BID Businesses are Delivery Partners collaborating but not leading on:

  • West Sussex gigabyte project (with WSCC, CDC and mobile communications operators)
  • Parks and open spaces (with City, County and Visit Chichester)
  • Shop fronts and facades (with CDC)
  • Development of the tourist offer (with CDC, County, local attractions, the hospitality sector and the transport operators)
  • Establish a small business incubation hub (with the College and CDC)
  • Review provision of short stay car parks (as a member of Parking Forum)
  • Smart city (with digital providers, mobile operators, District and University)

It will not surprise you to learn that some of these responsibilities are accompanied by a funding expectation, either as inscribed in Business Plan or agreed under the Baseline Statement and Additionality rules. These are the areas available to BID businesses for investment:

  • Look And Feel
  • Parks And Open Spaces
  • Prepare Cultural Strategy
  • Tourism Offer
  • Retail Offer
  • Evening And Night Time Economy

Finally I would also recommend that we keep a few self-appointed watching briefs, as these may have an impact on the work of the BID Board in the delivery of its 2017-22 Business Plan objectives. These are:

  • The Hornet-St Pancras Welcoming Point
  • West St Pedestrianisation
  • A Year-Round Events Programme for Residents and Visitors
  • Improved Infrastructure for Cyclists

Look and Feel first off the stocks

There has already been a preliminary meeting of this working party and the BID Board asked to lead on the following tasks on your behalf:

  1. Commission an integrated wayfinding, information, event advertising and signage scheme. Include improvement of the physical integration of cultural and visitor attractions within the City Centre.
  2. Review planning policy regarding City Centre signage and informational advertising.
  3. Undertake a city-wide review of the public realm.
  4. Prepare new wayfinding and signage scheme and identify funding.
  5. Prepare public realm strategy, action plan and funding plan, integrating ‘smart city’ technologies.


More to follow…

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