Fantastic Uptake Of Chichester Gift Card

| September 2018

The Chichester BID Team are delighted to announce that over 80 city centre businesses have signed up to accept the new Chichester Gift Card prior to its launch on 1st October 2018. You will be able to see the latest gift card updates on

This influx of interest from city centre businesses prior to launch will massively strengthen the overall gift card offering and help boost the uptake from purchasing public in the lead up to Christmas.

Yet to sign your business up? Here’s a few reasons why adopting the Chichester Gift Card is both a win-win for both your business and our city.

  • Free for businesses to join scheme.
  • Easy for businesses to get involved as it uses the existing Mastercard infrastructure.
  • Consumers explore more when they have a gift card – over 15% of redemptions (Miconex data) are made by consumers visiting a store for the first time.
  • Consumers spend on average 40% more (Miconex data) than the total value loaded onto the card.
  • Local businesses and organisations can use the gift card as an incentive or a reward.
  • Both Independents and Nationals can take part.
  • Chichester Gift Card locks money into the city, meaning it cannot be spent in other high streets or shopping locations.

The BID Team are working hard on a full three-sixty degree marketing strategy which will help promote the gift card, up-to and during the Christmas period.

As part of the overarching marketing strategy, a purpose built website is being launched in early October. It will include an easy to use e-commerce functionality to enable the gift card to be purchased online. You can also purchase the card at the following locations:

  • Creations Hair & Beauty, South Street
  • The Novium Museum, Tower Street
  • Dartagnan, North street

Social media images will be distributed to those BID businesses who have decided to take part in the scheme. We ask that you all get involved and help us to reach a large audience via your own business social media channels. This will also ensure that the card is promoted consistently by all city centre businesses.

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