Congratulations to our winners!

| October 2018

We recently ran a competition in conjunction with Chichester Post for the chance to win a Chichester City Gift Card. We would like to bid a huge congratulations to all our winners below. If you haven’t contacted us yet then please do pop us an email so we can organise your prize card being sent out to you!

1) Kim Hopkinson
2) Barbara Higgs
3) Mr W Glue
4) Josephine Lewis
5) Mrs C A White
6) John Brackenridge
7) Mrs Knowles
8) Janet Scanlan
9) Sue Dean
10) Cheire Young
11) Mrs C Lichfield
12) Bruce Rattray
13) Mrs T Scott
14) Laura Wright
15) S Frost
16) Peter Sanders
17) Julie Gratwick

Thank you to everyone who took part. If you would like to know more about the Chichester Gift Card then please visit our dedicated website.

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