| January 2019

What is ChiBAC?

Chichester District Business Against Crime is a partnership committed to reducing crime, violence and anti-social behaviour throughout the Chichester District by pro-active partnership working. Its membership is made up from both the day and night time economies and is non-political and non-profit making.

The ChiBAC radio system links member businesses together, along with CCTV and the Police providing invaluable information and support. Exclusion notices are issued by ChiBAC to those who have committed crime against business or whose behaviour locally is unacceptable.

Membership Offer: 40% off ChiBAC

Any business that is located within the BID area is being offered membership to ChiBAC at a significantly reduced rate of 40%.

ChiBAC members receive the following benefits:

Radio Scheme, Photograph Access, Security Walkrounds, Loss Prevention Agents, Security Industry Authority (SIA) Support, Head / Body Worn Camera Scheme, Drug Dog Operations, City Angels Support, PubWatch Dates

Telephone: 07785 715873 Email: [email protected]

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