Let’s build on the success of the Chichester Gift Card

| January 2019

Show your support for this scheme.

Christmas has given us a great platform to showcase the card and the BID Team will be marketing the card to the public via various timed campaigns throughout the year in both media and online.

Easy Fix Operational Tip

There’s been a couple of instances where the Gift Card has been refused in store, either because staff are not aware that your business accepts it or because of an issue that can occur following a systems update. From time to time all tills and PDQ’s undergo system updates – some of which are automatic and you may not be notified. ANY update can affect your

Merchant ID for the Chichester Gift Card, causing it to drop off the system and be declined. If this happens there’s a really easy fix:

  • Call Customer Service Support on 0121 268 3210 (you can find this number on the back of any Chichester Gift Card)
  • Choose Option 2 (retailer/shopping centre)
  • Choose Option 2 (for assistance accepting gift cards)
  • Give the operator the card number from the back of the Chichester Gift Card, they will re-load your businesses ID and the card will be available to use immediately.

Please ensure all your staff are trained in what to do if a card is refused by your tills/PDQ’s. It would be a shame to lose sales when there is a quick and easy fix.

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