Gift Card Update – What to do if a gift card is declined

| February 2019

Following on from last month’s Easy Fix piece, the BID team has undertaken further research into the reports from scheme members about the number of declined transactions. Our findings show that there have been 151 successful transactions and only 35 declines since launch.

There are 3 reasons for these declined transactions:

  1. Nearly half were due to “insufficient funds”
  2. 13 declined due to till updates
  3. 6 transactions not processed as card was used in premises that were not part of the scheme

What to do if a gift card is declined:

Call Customer Service Support on 0121 268 3210 (see number on the back of Chichester Gift Card)

  1. Choose Option 2 (retailer/shopping centre)
  2. Choose Option 2 (for assistance accepting gift cards)
  3. Give the operator the card number from the back of the Chichester Gift Card, they will re-load your business’s ID and the card will be available to use immediately. Please ensure all staff are aware that your store accepts the Chichester Gift Card and know what to do if it is refused by your tills/PDQs. It would be a shame to lose sales when there is a quick and easy fix.

Not part of the scheme? Email [email protected] to join now.

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