Major roadworks planned for city centre

| June 2019

Chichester BID has received notification that SSE is embarking on a £1.5million project to upgrade the city’s electrical network this year, in order to ‘future proof’ the city.

The work aims to increase the load capacity within the city centre via a number of substations that have suffered repeated faults due to excessive loads.

Proposed plans include having a 1000kVA unit substation at the Crooked ‘S’ substation to the rear of M&S and six cables laid into and along East Street via St. Martin’s Street. Additionally surface link boxes will be installed at individual locations along North Street to enable further reconfiguration and enhancement of the local network.


The work is anticipated to commence from September and to be completed by early November. Initial work for the project has already been completed at substations outside of the city centre.

We’ve been informed that the forthcoming upgrade will increase the voltage and improve the reliability of the network thus preventing the blackouts that the city centre has been subject to in recent times.

While this work provides a number of benefits for businesses and residents alike in the long-term, the timing of the project is far from ideal. The BID Team believes the project should be pushed back until January 2020 in order to minimise the disruption to city centre businesses.

Do you have a view on this? If you feel that this work will have a negative impact on your business, please email [email protected] with your views by 14 June. We will then forward your responses on to SSE.

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