Christmas Gift Card Campaign

| September 2019

This month marks a year since we launched the Chichester Gift Card and we’re delighted to say that we now have over 140 businesses on board. Since last October, we’ve seen a brilliant response to the card from both businesses and the public alike. However with Christmas on the horizon, we’d like to really boost the purchasing public’s interest in the card and to do this we need your help.

We already have plans in place to promote the gift card and the businesses who are signed up to the scheme, as part of our Christmas campaign but there are ways that you can support the gift card too. Whether it’s gifting a card to an employee over the festive season or simply helping us shout about the gift card and your involvement in the scheme to your base of customers. This is the perfect time to promote the card and your participation in it.

CLICK HERE to download a festive gift card graphic to share on your social channels and spread the word that you accept the card at your business.

Not signed up yet?

If you’re not currently signed up, then there couldn’t be a better time to do so. Here are a few reasons why adopting the Chichester Gift Card is a win-win for your business and our city:

  • Free for businesses to join the scheme
  • Easy for businesses to get involved as it uses the existing Mastercard infrastructure
  • Consumers explore more when they have a gift card – over 15% of redemptions (Miconex data) are made by consumers visiting a store for the first time
  • Consumers spend on average 40% (Miconex data) more than the value of the card
  • Local businesses and organisations use gift cards as incentives and rewards
  • Businesses are featured in the BID’s promotional activity on the gift card e.g. on the website, social media and in the printed pamphlet that consumers receive with the card.

Contact [email protected] to sign up to the Chichester Gift Card today.

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