In My View – Sandy Longley: A welcoming city with so many reasons to visit

| September 2019

It has always been a privilege to work in Chichester, ever since I started back in February 2018.  Prior to this – as a visitor the city with whichever of my Australian relatives would accompany me at the time – I found Chichester was, and I believe still is, the place to be in Sussex. As the world becomes more digitally focused and shopping increasingly moves online, nothing can beat the real-life experience of a day out in a city like Chichester. With an extensive range of shops, restaurants and cafes, there is nothing like indulging yourself in the ambience of a beautiful, historical city.

Working with Chichester BID, I have a passion for creating a feel-good factor through new experiences in the city. Whether this is through new and exciting markets or creating special social events, it is in the heart of all the members of the BID to ensure that visitors to the city and the local community are surprised and delighted by their experiences of Chichester. 

As a store manager at Boots, a national retailer at the heart of the community, I support the need to not only drive footfall to Chichester but to ensure the city remains firmly on the map for visitors and tourists. Visitors to the city and our customers expect more than ever from their high street shopping experiences, and it is down to us to ensure that when they do come to visit we give them the best experience to ensure that they will come again.

For over 170 years, Boots has embraced the importance of genuine customer service; from offering a warm welcome, having a real understanding of the customer’s needs, and going the extra mile to support them. From November onward there will be some exciting changes to the store in Chichester to give our customers even more reason to visit the high street and enjoy this wonderful city.

Sandy Longley, Store Manager, Boots Chichester

Chichester BID (Business Improvement District) Board Director

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