Review of Street Trading controls in Chichester City Centre

| October 2019

Chichester District Council’s Cabinet agreed on 1 October 2019 for officers to undertake a consultation exercise to consider a more flexible licensing approach to Street Trading controls in Chichester city centre. The aim is to welcome street trading, for example potential markets, in more areas of the city.

Currently street trading by way of a Consent is prohibited within the city centre, with the exception of the pedestrianised areas of East Street, North Street, Crane Street and the southern part of St Martin’s Street.

They are proposing to extend the area of consented streets to include all of the city’s four main shopping streets and some side streets. They believe this will offer greater flexibility for local events, open up Chichester’s side streets, encourage visitors to explore other areas of the city and support the action plan associated with the Chichester Vision.

The effect of the variation will be that street trading in those parts of the streets will continue to be prohibited unless it takes place under the authority of a Consent issued by Chichester District Council, the process for which will remain and a consultation will take place for any application received.

Below is a map of the newly proposed streets they would like to include as consented streets, and also a map of the streets that are currently consented.

If you would like to make any comments please can you send these to [email protected] by Friday 22nd November. We will act as single point of contact and pass all collated feedback onto Chichester District Council. 

A ‘Notice of Intention’ will be published in December, which will invite comments from the public. The aim is to present the findings at Full Council on January 28th 2020. If approved the changes will take effect from 1st April 2020.

If the changes are approved it does not mean markets or events will automatically take place in these new areas. What it does enable is for an application to be made to stage an event involving street trading and for that to be considered by all the usual partners – which at the current time it is not possible due to the existing controls.

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