Tables and Chairs Licensing Consultation – what’s your view?

| January 2020

West Sussex County Council is at the moment running a consultation on the current flat fee charge for the licensing of tables and chairs on the pavement outside businesses. They are asking for your views on ‘sliding scale’ proposals, which would see charges dependent on the number of covers (a cover is usually a single chair).

Placing tables and chairs on pavements increases traders’ floor space, helps businesses and can significantly enhance public space. However, if not properly placed, the furniture can cause an obstruction for passers-by, including the visually impaired.

Highways officers carry out inspections to ensure the pavement is not obstructed and no damage is caused by the movement of tables and chairs on the footway. The license fee helps to cover the cost of staff time, administration and other costs.

We encourage you to put your views forward by taking part in the consultation which is running until Monday 24 February. You can find out more and access a survey here.

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