Diverted Giving Campaign in partnership with homeless charities

| February 2020

After the recent bad weather, many people have been concerned about the homeless in Chichester. The council runs bi-annual Diverted Giving Campaign events in partnership with homeless charities. At the events, you can find out more about the services delivered by the council and charities, and the best way to donate your time or resources to help those in need.

Why can’t I give directly to rough sleepers?
Many people believe they are doing a good thing by giving rough sleepers money, but begging is illegal and doesn’t offer a permanent solution to homelessness. Because of the money they make, rough sleepers will often turn down offers of help from support services, instead choosing to remain on the streets.
Additionally, some beggars are not homeless and beg because it is financially rewarding. Although it is entirely your decision if you wish to give to beggars; if you want to help people to engage with the services that can offer accommodation and other resources then donating to your chosen charity will not only support the work they do but has the ability to help more than one individual.

How can I help rough sleepers?
Donations to local charities of food, toiletries, household items, clothing, etc. help support vital services, such as Stonepillow and lunch clubs, to carry out work in the community. A list of most needed items can be found on Stonepillow’s website. The following list of local charities and groups will also provide more information on the best way to donate.

o stonepillow.org.uk
o heartchichester.church
o cityangels.org.uk
o facebook.com/fourstreetsproject

If you are concerned about an individual rough sleeping, please fill in the details on www.streetlink.org.uk. This referral will go directly to CDC Outreach Workers, who will attempt to find the individual and assess their needs.

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