An Homage to Chichester

| March 2020

Celebrating our beautiful city is at the heart of everything we do here at Chichester BID. We feel passionately that the place we call home has so much to offer and therefore we were delighted to hear that so many of you agree!

We had an incredible response to our recent #heartofchichester competition, with lovers of our fair city sharing descriptions of their favourite spots and stunning photographs.

The winning entry was the above shot of Chichester Canal by Brenda Melaniphy. Brenda cited the canal basin at twilight as being one of her most loved locations and her striking photograph earnt her an £100 Chichester Gift Card!

However, with so many paying homage to Chichester throughout the campaign, we felt it only right to also share some of our other favourites…

“I love that Chichester is a diversified mix of old and new. Of big and small business. I love walking down East Street. It’s not always sunny but it is always home.” – Claire

“I love seeing the Cathedral Spire on the horizon as I return home from work across the County. I know I am nearly home!” – Karen

“The Cross, the Cathedral, Whirligig, Present Surprise, Bishop’s Palace Gardens, The Sweet Jar. The fact that even in the city centre there are green spaces. I even like some of the cafes and restaurants.” Gemma

“I feel proud and privileged to be living in such a beautiful area. I’m always in awe of the grand and historic buildings in the town. I love to have a look around and do some shopping, especially at Christmas time and we always end up enjoying tea and cake or lunch out in town.” – Sacha

“I love the Bishop’s Palace Gardens – in any weather or season!” – Jan

“What’s not to like about Chichester. Lovely coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, places to walk, a Cathedral that doesn’t charge an entry fee, a lovely theatre… the list is endless. Best of all a BID team promoting it.” – Isobel

“Bishops Palace Gardens in the spring is my favourite thing about Chichester just beautiful!” – KT

“Love this city where I live! The architecture is so interesting and varied. My favourite building is the cathedral and I even attended a guided tour which was so interesting. We don’t always enjoy what is on our doorstep.” – Pen

“I love the lovely people who work in Chi and who willingly help you and also the rooftops – uneven tiles, Fareham Pots, different shapes – beautiful.” – Heather

“The history of the city.” – @Wholefoodiefitness

“The cathedral, just beautiful.” – Ali

“I love everything about Chichester! The city makes me feel like home! (I visit often and hope to win)! Greetings from Austria!!” – Sabine

“My favourite thing is that you can see the cathedral from all directions around Chichester and I love the independent shops that Chichester boasts, alongside the hidden gardens like bishop gardens above!” – Lucy

“My dad often says that Priory Park is his favourite park and I have to agree. Having moved from the countryside to an apartment in Chichester, it’s nice to escape to the park on sunny days. We like to watch the cricket during summer and enjoy a good cuppa at the cafe on the corner. We also love the abundance of squirrels!” – Georgia

“The variety of fantastic independent shops in the city, it’s hard to ever get bored when visiting Chichester.” – @WibwobsFernhurst

“The Novium museum and the special display of the Bersted warrior – really good!!” – Louise

“My favourite place is the centurion walk down to Lavant, peaceful places to stop, friendly people, a bit of history and lots of dogs!!” – Becca

“We love the business network that is in the city, as well as the beautiful surroundings. Especially when the sun is shining.” – @Loop_va

“I love the fact that whatever mood I’m in, whatever friend I’m with, whatever the event or if I’m out with my two little ones I can find a corner/park/pub/cafe/bar or restaurant to suit the occasion … but I do return to Priory Park time after time throughout the seasons. We love Chichester.” – Louise

“For us, it’s because Chichester has soul, charm and character. There are so many small and wonderful independent stores amongst the historic and elegant architecture!” – @ci_optometrists

“Bishops Palace Gardens. Hidden gem.” @lantro_ltd_xero_bookkeepers

“Love meeting up with family and friends in one of the cafes, restaurant, hotels and pubs.” – Heather

“Chichester is such a charming and stylish city that I can easily explore on foot. There’s also lots of things to do for free such as The Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve, The Chichester City Walls and the Novium Museum to name a few!” – Karen

“First taste of spring in Chichester and new street art in Chichester.” – @J_Ellen_27

“It’s hard to see in my small square, but the Cathedral walk is in full, daffodil bloom and what a cheery sight as you walk along. It’s one of my favourite spots in Chichester, not least because it’s so photogenic but because of the planting, it morphs from one season to the next in glorious technicolour and always provides something to put a smile on my face.” – Victoria

“I love that there is plenty of choice for places to eat out, so I can manage to find something that both myself and friends like. Plus, I love the Festival Theatre being within walking distance as love seeing a great show.” – Samantha

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