A guide to social distancing in Chichester city centre

| May 2020

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease a multitude of new questions start to appear. The government guidelines have been widely criticised for their lack of clarity, but one thing we do know for sure is that social distancing measures are still very much in place. In order to take advantage of the slight relaxation of lockdown rules and enjoy the many shops which will now gradually be reopening in a safe and responsible way, we have put together our guide to social distancing in Chichester city centre.

What to expect
We know many are excited to see shops start to reopen over the following weeks and months. However, for a time many procedures will be in place throughout Chichester to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone. We have heard from lots of Chichester businesses who are working hard to safely reopen and are employing a number of precautions, from restricting the number of people in their store at any one time, to implementing a one-way system in their shop to reduce customer contact.

Tips and advice for shopping safely in Chichester
• It has been advised that anyone using small spaces like shops or potentially busy places should wear a face covering. These can be made at home (you can find lots of tutorials online) as it is important that all medical grade face masks are reserved for the NHS staff and key workers on the front line of this pandemic.
• It has been well documented that washing your hands regularly with soap is one of the best defences against COVID-19, but carrying hand sanitiser with you is a good substitute when unable to get to hand washing facilities.
• Ensure you stay at least two metres away from anyone who is not a member of your household.

Help for businesses
The government has issued guidance detailing how businesses can start to open safely. Guidance for shops aimed at keeping employers, employees and customers safe during this time can be found here.

The advice includes details on carrying out a risk assessment for your business, ways to manage customers in a safe way whilst on your premises and tips on cleaning your premises both before and during opening hours. Additional support and advice on risk assessment is available via The Health and Safety Executive website.

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