Chichester BID seeks new Chairperson to support the city

| June 2020

Current Chair Colin Hicks steps down after four years of supporting city centre businesses
The Chichester Business Improvement District (BID) is looking for a new dynamic leader following the announcement that Colin Hicks has stood down from his volunteer role as Chairman and Director of the Company.

Colin Hicks joined the Chichester BID Board in May 2016 and assumed the role of Chair in November 2016. In his four-year tenure, Colin has played an active part in working more collaboratively with local authorities to represent BID Levy Payers on issues such as parking and signposting. He was also instrumental in steering and supporting the BID team to develop city centre management, promotion and business opportunities.

Brendon Cook, Acting Chair of the BID, commented, “We are so grateful to Colin for all his hard work and support over the last four years. We are particularly grateful that he has offered to continue as a volunteer with Chichester BID during the transition period, which will mean he can share his extensive experience with the incoming Chair.”

The new Chair will be required to help steer the BID team and provide support to city centre businesses through this particularly challenging period. While Chichester BID has been assisting businesses as much as possible during lockdown, they acknowledge that there are long-term challenges ahead for the city. The new Chair will have the opportunity to shape activity for the coming months and provide input and support on planning for 2021.

It is likely to be a challenging, but highly rewarding volunteer opportunity, allowing the individual to play an integral role in the resurgence of the city. Chichester BID are seeking a professional with an understanding of retail and commercial business, local authorities and the environment within the city of Chichester as well as marketing, communications and partnership skills. Ideally, they are seeking someone with previous planning and chairperson experience who can volunteer roughly 20 hours a week to support the organisation and its work for the city.

More details on the role and requirements for the Non-Executive Chairperson can be found here.

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