Calling all cafes, pubs and restaurants

| June 2020

With lockdown measures easing allowing pubs, restaurants and cafes to reopen from the 4th July, below is some guidance and regulations to help you with your opening plans.

Also, remember to let us know of your reopening details so we can add you to our online directory and help spread the word, simply email [email protected] with the below information:

  • Date of reopening
  • Opening times
  • Safety measures in place

Licensing Act 2003 and The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 (as amended)

Please read if you are a business holder of either a Premises Licence, Club Premises Certificate or Personal Licence granted under the Licensing Act 2003.

Currently, no statutory changes or relaxations to the Licensing Act 2003 requirements have been made which means that all licensed premises must, when trading, be operated in full compliance with the various terms of any granted Premises Licence or in case of a members club, Club Premises Certificate. This means providing only the licensable activities authorised by the licence/certificate, on the specified days and times and in accordance with all conditions. Amongst other matters, operators that are permitted to trade must ensure that the current social distancing requirements are fully complied with in order to minimise the potential for COVID-19 to spread.

In order to be able to operate, many operators have changed or are considering changing or diversifying their normal business model. With this in mind, CDC have created a short helpful guide titled ‘Guidance for Operators of Licensed Premises during COVID-19’ which provides operators with some useful information such as what application would be required in order to seek a particular change e.g. full or minor variation for the inclusion of an external seating area. This guidance is being regularly updated as the situation develops and is available from Chichester District Councils Licensing News webpage.

Poppleston Allen Solicitors have also produced a guide titled ‘Coronavirus – Licensing Pre-opening Checklist’ which has some really useful guidance when planning to reopen a licensed premises, this is available from their website and we would strongly recommend that operators look through it. Please be aware that it covers all types of premises and therefore some elements may not be relevant to you.

Naturally if HM Government do in the coming days and weeks decide to relax some of the existing licensing requirements to assist some premises in reopening, CDC will look to issue a further update.

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