In My View – Sally Russell

| June 2021

And we are open again!

Finally, this week we have re-opened our doors at Chichester Harbour Hotel and have welcomed back our friends, guests and team members to the hotel. It may well be from behind a mask, with sanitised hands and from a safe distance but we are all so pleased to return to some normality following this difficult and challenging lockdown period. It has been very well reported in the press this year, the challenges facing the hospitality industry; the pandemic being just one to contend with! Many of our beloved team members have returned to their home lands, stock has been stuck in the Suez canal and of course the dreaded Brexit has given me more grey hairs than I care to think about!

The beauty of our industry is that it will always bounce back quickly, hospitality is incredibly resilient. I so admire my team (and the industry as a whole) for the way they so positively and enthusiastically return to work after the uncertainty and on/off nature of the last year.

The next few months is looking very positive in hospitality, a year of restrictions on seeing our friends and family along with the current travel restrictions and pent up demand for weddings and events is causing a real boom in bookings for everybody. Chichester events are proving really positive and we are getting a lot of calls and questions about everything up-coming whether it be Goodwood, Pub in the Park or the eagerly anticipated reopening of Chichester Festival Theatre with their summer performance of South Pacific. Chichester is really looking like the place to be in the South so my advice, book your outings well in advance!

Chichester has an amazing array of restaurants, pubs, bars and café’s and I encourage you all to get out and support them and be kind to those looking after you as they are already dealing with a lot of changes in process due to COVID restraints.

I do not think there has ever been a time more pertinent for everyone to work together, support each other and strengthen our Chichester community.