Chichester Flag Programme

| May 2018

April saw the start of the BID’s Flag Programme which is designed to welcome shoppers, tourists and visitors to the historic city. The Flag programme benefits businesses by helping Chichester look at its smartest and best.

The flags of St George and the Union are flying until just after the Royal Wedding at which point the streets will be festooned with the flags of the Second Augustan Roman Legion in homage to our Roman heritage and in support of Roman Week.

In early June and throughout the summer months, flags representing the nationalities of the many students, visitors and tourists to the city will fly to welcome them to our streets.

Then, from mid-September, the city will mark the milestone of 100 years since the end of World War. Commemorative flags will fly up until mid-November in memory of the brave soldiers who fought in the historic war.

We hope you all agree that the visual impact of these flags adds a celebratory element to the wonderful city we live, shop and work in.