City centre footfall tracking

Chichester BID has dedicated footfall cameras along with fourteen sensors that count mobile phones passing in the area within the City centre. These allow us to monitor what brings people into Chichester and where these people go. The data is collected by Springboard UK & Noggin.


We have fourteen footflow sensors that count mobile phones passing in the area, which gives us a basis for predicting total numbers of people visiting the City. Noggin have also installed a footfall camera on East Street, near the Cross. This counts the movement of pedestrians and shows us how busy the street is on any given hour, day or week.


Springboard’s technology allows us to count footfall numbers within the centre of Chichester 24/7. They analyse the information and deliver retail insights integral to understanding the performance of the City. Their reports also allow us to benchmark ourselves against over Cities in the country.

Benchmarking Chichester


Live Chichester Footflow Data


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