A Sustainable Christmas in Chichester

| November 2023

Chichester city centre provides the ideal backdrop for a sustainable Christmas celebration. With an array of local businesses, artisans, and eco-friendly options, you can make this Christmas both memorable and environmentally responsible.

Here are 10 ways to have a sustainable Christmas in Chichester:

1) Shop Local: Avoid the hassle of online shopping and support Chichester’s local businesses. When you shop locally, you not only reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping but also help the community thrive. Click here to read our Christmas in Chichester shopping guide. 

2) Buy Pre-Loved: Chichester boasts a variety of vintage and preloved stores, as well as charity shops brimming with unique gifts and decorations. Explore these shops for sustainable, one-of-a-kind treasures.

3) Visit Refilled: Chichester’s very own refillery, Refilled is a fantastic place to shop for sustainable, package-free products. From cleaning supplies to all the ingredients you need for the perfect Christmas, you’ll also find delicious foodie gifting treats in this store.

4) Support Independent Businesses: Independent shop owners handpick their products, often source locally, and offer thoughtful, unique gift options. Your purchases support local entrepreneurs and reduce the environmental impact of mass-produced goods. Browse our indie directory here.

5) Craft Your Own Christmas: Get creative at places like ClothKits in The Hornet and the Haberdashery on North Street. Make your own reusable Christmas decorations, wrapping paper from fabric remnants, and even sustainable Christmas crackers.

6) Use Public Transport: Consider catching the bus into Chichester with Stagecoach, where all single journeys are just £2 from across the district. This helps reduce the number of cars on the road during this busy time.

7) Stay Local: Explore our recommendations for the top festive things to do in Chichester. From local markets to community events, there are plenty of nearby activities to enjoy.

8) Support Artisans and Crafters: Support local talent and discover handmade, sustainable gifts such as pottery, jewellery, and artwork at the array of Christmas markets taking place in Chichester this year.

9) Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping: Reduce waste by using reusable cloth, scarves, or old maps for gift wrapping. Create your own eco-friendly gift tags and labels for a personal touch.

10) Give the Gift of Chichester: Consider gifting a Chichester Gift Card, allowing your loved one the chance to choose their own gift rather than receiving something they may not want.

Make this Christmas in Chichester a time for joy and sustainability. By following these tips, you can enjoy Christmas while minimising your impact on the environment and supporting your local community. Wishing you a happy and green Christmas in Chichester!