In My View – Helen Marshall

| March 2021

Our Local businesses have done us proud during these difficult times

I joined Chichester BID at the beginning of the year as Vice Chair and CEO. 

Ordinarily, taking on a leadership role within a small company, championing and promoting the interests of the businesses within Chichester, would have been challenging enough. Embarking on this journey during a pandemic where we find ourselves in our third lockdown, certainly is putting us all to the test. However, what I have seen in my first eight weeks has been truly inspirational.

I want to salute all our local businesses – whether they are part of a national chain, an independent or a local business giving a vital and necessary service to the residents and visitors of Chichester. The innovation, resilience and determination I have witnessed from so many businesses to weather the storm can only be commended and is a hallmark to the level of professionalism of the leaders that trade in our city. 

Innovations like click & collect services and new online shopping platforms to changing operating models to provide a takeaway service where appropriate – making these sorts of adaptations to a business takes a lot of hard work. So, thank you to all our businesses for ensuring some of our daily lives can continue, albeit in a slightly different way. 

With all this in mind, I urge everyone to think about how we can further support our local businesses, both now and when we do come out of lockdown. 

At Chichester BID, we are working hard to give practical support where needed and asked for, offering advice and staying connected to as many businesses as we can. But, the biggest support our local businesses need when we emerge from lockdown will be steady and consistent customer footfall. 

So, let’s please all make a commitment to shop local! This will ensure we retain the diversity and eclectic mix of businesses that are a trademark of our city.