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Chichester during the Civil War 1642-1646

Trail content generously provided by the Chichester Society. The outbreak of civil war in England during the summer of 1642 was the culmination of decades of simmering resentment that took many forms. Politically, the nation was divided between those who supported the right of King Charles I to rule on his own without recourse to parliament, known as the ‘Divine Right of Kings’; and those who believed that laws, and particularly taxation, should not be imposed without the consent of parliament. In religious terms, the King sought, through his archbishop, William Laud, to ‘uphold the dignity of the clergy’, and to reintroduce practices that seemed reminiscent of the ritual and liturgy of Roman Catholicism. Civil war became inevitable when King Charles entered the House of Commons with armed soldiers, determined to arrest five of his leading critics, including Sir Arthur Haselrig, who would play an important role in the siege of Chichester in December 1642.

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Chichester Gift Card - Retail

The Chichester Gift Card is a pre-loaded Mastercard-based gift card which can be used at over 146 shops and eateries across Chichester city centre. We have put together a trail to guide you through all the retail shops where you can redeem your gift cards.

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Churches, Chapels and places of worship

Trail content generously provided by the Chichester Society. Chichester once had nine parish churches, catering for a population, that in the seventeenth century, did not exceed 2,000 inhabitants. Today only two of these churches, St Paul’s, and St Pancras, are still open for worship. As well as the Anglican churches, there were a number of nonconformist chapels that are also included in this trail. Churches and their clergy played a pivotal role in the life of the city. A person’s social standing, as well as their piety, could be judged by the church they attended. Anglicans, Methodists, and Baptists often lived separate social as well as religious lives. The city’s Roman Catholics were the most marginalised of all religious denominations – a situation that persisted within living memory.

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Inns, Pubs and Hotels

Trail content generously provided by the Chichester Society. Chichester’s earliest inns can be traced back to mediaeval times when they catered for pilgrims visiting the shrine of St Richard in the cathedral. Over time they came to serve all types of travellers, who needed rest and food after travelling along the notoriously bad Sussex roads. By the middle of the seventeenth century there were seven inns in Chichester, as well as 50 alehouses, taverns, and other premises that sold drink. Given the population was only 2,000 people at the time, of whom over half were women and children, it can be seen that Chichester was a boozy city and remained so until the beginning of the twentieth century. Today there are only a dozen public houses in the city centre and no inns. Many of the city’s old inns have been converted into restaurants or private accommodation. This trail includes both former as well as current pubs and inns.

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Retro, Antique & Artisan Trail

This trail lists all the amazing Retro, Antique & Artisan businesses in Chichester. Shop them all and find a new favourite!

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Takeaway and Delivery in Chichester

Businesses in Chichester are changing the way they operate during the Covid-19 virus. This is a list of all the local food and drink outlets that are offering delivery and takeaway services at this time.

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