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Chichester BID have partnered with the award-winning place promotion app LoyalFree to provide a tried and tested advertising platform for local businesses.

This service is free for you as a BID Levy Payer and is simple to set up. 

The LoyalFree App is designed to help visitors and residents navigate around our shopping areas and points of interest, and get the most out of special offers and events that individual businesses are running. The app will promote various aspects of the city including tourism information, business offers, event listings, interactive trails and more.


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As a BID Levy Paying Business you can benefit from:

• Free advertising of your offers and events to locals and visitors with the option to run a ‘loyalty stamp’ scheme where possible • Customer insights through a live dashboard • Click throughs to your website, social media, reviews and more • Being featured in local trails on the app, e.g. Open for Business, Vegan, Family Friendly, Best Independents •

How to get involved:

It is important that we populate the app with as much information as possible so we can launch to the public and start to help your business by increasing footfall and sales. The launch is planned for the first week of July 2020.

This initiative requires input from YOU, only businesses who contact [email protected] direct will be represented on the app.

Loyalty Scheme and Offers

The best offers are exclusive to the app, simple and loyalty based using a digital loyalty stamp system. The Loyalty Scheme function can be used in any retail setting and is a great way to incentivise customers and give yourself visibility on the app if you haven’t got a specific special offer or do not wish to discount products.

For example, cafes could opt to run a loyalty scheme on takeaway drinks (e.g. get your sixth coffee free). All that is required is a QR code (provided by LoyalFree) for customers to scan with their smartphone.

TIP: Download the app and take a look at how businesses in other cities are using it to promote themselves. This will help you to offer the most appropriate deals for your business and customers.

How to get your offer onto the LoyalFree app:

To add an offer please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

BID area
Business name
Offer / loyalty scheme

The team at LoyalFree will create a profile for you on the app. Once this is set up you can log in and make any changes you like to your offers.

Things to note:

• Inclusion on the app is FREE to you (BID funded) • You will only be listed on the app if you have a live offer, a loyalty scheme via the app or are part of one of the trails • Each business is responsible for its own offers • You can add up to two deals on the app at any one time • You can list your events on the app for more visibility •

Find out more

How customers redeem offers

Please contact [email protected] to get your business noticed.

If you have any general enquiries about this app please contact the BID office.


“Chichester BID are launching the new Loyal Free App for our city. I can’t express how straightforward it was to post our in-store promotions. I sent an email to [email protected] stating our business name and offer and within moments our promotions were live on the App. A fantastic way to advertise the array of shops our city has to offer but to also add offers exclusive to App users.” – Katie Loxton Chichester


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