New Signage in the City

| January 2021

Like many historic cities, Chichester has a system of finger post signs in place to help direct visitors to areas of interest. These cast iron black finger posts with white lettering have been in place for many years and are in need of refurbishment. We are aware that over time some of the signs have now become out-of-date and do not reflect the key locations in the city centre.

Improving signage to help navigate visitors around the city and enhance the look of the city was one of the projects identified during the consultation for the Chichester Vision. A team from Chichester City Council, Chichester District Council and Chichester BID have been working together, assessing the needs for the city centre and ways of improving the signs. A plan for restoring and improving the signs has been put together. This has been subject to public consultation from 11 January to 8 February and there are site notices on all of the signposts with the details. Subject to the feedback from this consultation we hope to be able to progress to the next stage of the project.

The aim of the improved signage system is to help pull together a consistent Chichester signage system which helps enhance the identity and better connect the city assets. It will identify and therefore help promote the main visitor attractions and transport hubs as well as ensuring key retail areas are highlighted and promoted.

Most of the signs have a distinctive finial proudly sitting on top of the post which reflects the heritage of Chichester. With the refurbishment, all of the posts will now have a finial depicting the Cross and will be painted gold which will create greater visual impact and continuity throughout the city.

It is anticipated that the new and coordinated finger post signage system will be in place when we are in a position to ‘relaunch’ the city centre during the spring or summer.