The BID invests in and is a major delivery vehicle for Chichester Tomorrow (the Chichester Vision); represents the private sector voice to West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council and Chichester City Council; and works closely with our private sector partners at the Chamber of Commerce and The Great Sussex Way.

A lot of the BID’s projects could not be delivered without collaboration with the public sector and our private sector friends, including:

Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry is all about bringing local businesses from across the Chichester District together, both face to face and through an increasing digital presence. We aim to support, showcase and celebrate our members in a number of ways. as well as keeping abreast of local activities and issues.

We organise a variety of events to achieve this – monthly networking meetings, breakfasts, seminars, advice sessions, behind the scenes, MP lunches and numerous other activities. Throughout the pandemic we have run a successful online programme and will look to a hybrid model of online and face to face events as we move forward. We have a range of businesses as members from solopreneurs through to large entities and from start ups to well established local businesses..

Members have a range of marketing tools at their disposal including social media groups and the facility to add a variety of content to the CCCI website – events, news items, blogs and special offers. They can showcase their skills and their venues by running or hosting events and keep their own skills up to date with our various training intiiatives. There are also opportunities for advertising and sponsorship.

The Great Sussex Way

Our mission is to increase visitor numbers and visitor spend across the Chichester District from the downs to the dunes. How are we doing this? We are working directly with businesses to align initiatives across the district to improve our collective offering. Together we need to maximise the visitor experience, not just to our individual businesses but to the whole family of businesses that make up our visitor economy.

Also, we are consolidating our offerings into itineraries and events to make our area more accessible to the visitor. The tourist economy is competitive and we need a united voice to be heard by the visitor who is being bombarded by offers around the country.

The tourism sector makes up 14% of our local economy. Together we can organise and present ourselves to the potential visitor to maximum effect and create a significantly increased economic stimulant for the whole district. Strong business engagement with the Great Sussex Way will strengthen our collective impact.

We have a new website that enables the visitor to build their own itineraries and customise their experience. We are launching marketing campaigns to showcase our area. We are supporting our local events. We are stimulating the visitor economy not just to recover from COVID but to grow and thrive for the years to come.