Ackerman Music

Music Shop
42 West Street, PO19 1RP

The Chichester store boasts an excellent range of sheet music, instruments and accessories. You will find a good selection of student and mid-range woodwind, brass and stringed instruments. Professional instruments can easily be obtained from the Hove store for you to try in Chichester, but please phone to arrange beforehand.

Staff will also happily accept your instrument in for repair. There is a small on-site repair centre, but most instruments are taken to our Hove store to be looked at in our workshop and then brought back to Chichester for your collection. We have excellent repair facilities for guitars, woodwind, brass and stringed instruments.

Ackerman Music shops have knowledgeable, friendly staff that are always willing to help. Have a chat with experienced staff to make sure you get the best option for you before you commit to buying an instrument. Give us a call or come and see us, we’re here to help!