Proudly Independent

| June 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new campaign in Chichester called ‘Proudly Independent. Proudly Chichester.’

This initiative aims to celebrate and support the city’s independent business owners while creating a deeper connection between the local community and the unique, vibrant spirit of Chichester’s independent business scene.

Making it Easier For You to Support Independent

As part of the campaign we are introducing a new eye-catching ‘Proudly Chichester. Proudly Independent’ logo. This logo will feature on shopping bags and window stickers prominently displayed in the windows of the 200+ independently owned businesses in Chichester’s city centre, making it easier for people to actively support locally owned, independent businesses.


Special Social Media Content Celebrating our Indie Community

We have collaborated closely with a number of independent business owners to create a series of videos that will feature on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. These videos delve into their business stories, offering viewers a chance to meet the people behind each business and get an insight into what each of them has to offer. The videos will be featured on our social media channels and website throughout the month of July.

Fostering Familiarity and Encouraging Support

The ‘Proudly Independent. Proudly Chichester’ campaign aims to foster familiarity between the local community and independent business owners. By showcasing the faces behind these enterprises, we hope to inspire a sense of community and encourage residents to choose local and support the remarkable businesses that make Chichester thrive.

A Word from our CEO and Chair, Helen Marshall

“Chichester’s city centre is made up of a fabulous tapestry of national chains and independent businesses. However, it is our indies that really give the city its unique character and offers shoppers and visitors a one-of-a-kind experience. The campaign will highlight the passion, talent, and dedication of the business owners who have created truly distinctive offerings that set Chichester apart. And this is just the start, we have more plans in the pipeline to showcase Chichester’s independent business community.”

A Word from Independent Business Owner, Steve Jenkinson of Vintro Chichester

“Chichester BID’s campaign holds a special meaning for me. Having grown up in the area, I’ve always admired the independent spirit that flourished on the high street. It’s what makes Chichester unique and vibrant. Later, during my time in Manchester, I fell in love with the retro pre-loved clothing trade in the Northern Quarter. I knew that Chichester needed a similar space, especially for its young people and growing student population. When I returned to the area in 2021, I saw an opportunity to turn my passion into reality, and thus Vintro Chichester was born. I am proud to be part of this campaign and to contribute to the array of independent businesses in Chichester. By coming together, we can create a thriving and vibrant high street that truly represents the heart of our city.”

A Word from Our Sponsor, Blue Spire Ltd

The campaign has been made possible through the generous support of its principal sponsor, independent accountancy firm Blue Spire Ltd, whose Director, Katie Wilson, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, stating: “Chichester’s independent businesses are the backbone of our city’s economy and community. We are proud to champion them whilst also supporting many of the owners with their accountancy and bookkeeping needs.”

Our Hopes for the Campaign

We hope that the public will wholeheartedly embrace the campaign by discovering new independent businesses to support and sharing the message with friends and family.

Show Your Support

Read our ‘Supporting and Celebrating Chichester’s Independents Blog’ giving five simple tips that will help make a difference and show your support.

Chichester Buzz Business Directory

For a full list of Chichester’s independent businesses, visit our online directory here.

Our Media Partners

The campaign is supported by media partners, V2 Radio and Sussex World. Sussex World has covered success stories within the independent business community, while V2 Radio is running an incredible Proudly Independent. Proudly Chichester Giveaway, with a prize value of over £1,000.