Adam Workman

Partner at Wannops LLP

Wannops’ involvement with Chichester and with offices located in the “Pallants” dates back to 1891. I joined the firm in 2009 and recognised how closely involved that business is with the daily life of the City. Chichester is a place where you can get to know the local businesses and industries and the people that run them, supply them and buy their goods and services from then in pretty short order.

Being a business lawyer running the company commercial department at Wannops, I am naturally interested in the commercial welfare of the City. Having worked as a solicitor and attorney in London, Bristol, Kansas City (Missouri) over 25 years, I can certainly view projects and initiatives undertaken by the Chichester BID with a fairly original perspective. The next decade of the life in this City is likely to involve accelerated change and I look forward to being part of that and expect the BID to be at the forefront of managing the City’s future prosperity.

E: [email protected]

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