Julia Grant

Owner - Winter's Moon
I have lived in Chichester since 1995, but have known the area all my life. I own Winter’s Moon an independent gift and homewares shop on North St. Established in 2009 the business was solely online until we opened the shop early 2020. I have been in retail all my life, working in marketing at Sofa Workshop prior to setting up my own business. 
I love my job, my shop attracts wonderful and interesting customers who give me a window into the lives of people who live, work and visit here. And I love this city! It is unique in terms of the cultural offering we have here,  its accessible size and also the beautiful downs and harbour close by. I am a huge believer in the value of independent retailers on the high street and the sense of community and individuality they can bring to a place, and believe that the institutions that support them need to be forward-thinking and understand the massive changes and challenges that the retail world continues to experience through the online revolution.
I really enjoy working with the BID team and understanding all the different perspectives of the stakeholders involved in supporting businesses here, and always aim to bring a forward-looking, creative, independent voice to the discussions.