The Big Sleep Out

| October 2021

Now that restrictions have been lifted, we can once again gather together at Chichester Catherdral for Stonepillow’s flagship fundraising event the Big Sleep Out, and this year there are two ways you can take part.

Join Stonepillow and Sleep Out at the Cathedral or Sleep Out at Home by hosting your own event. Either way, you will be able to join in the fun, and change where you sleep for just one night to help raise funds and awareness for homeless and vulnerable people throughout Arun and Chichester.

Sleep Out at the Cathedral
Join Stonepillow in the heart of Chichester within the Cathedral grounds for fun and games throughout the afternoon and evening before bedding down in your cardboard shelter for the night. Registration and access to the event will be from 2pm, then head home the following morning after surviving the night.

Sleep Out at Home
If you can’t join in at the Cathedral, then why not create your own Big Sleep Out at Home and enjoy all the same fun and games? Invite your family and friends to join you, throw a party and be as imaginative as you can with your cardboard shelter for the night. Sleep out under the stairs or under the stars, in the bath or on the garden path!

Wherever you sleep, get involved and have some fun! Sleep out, survive the night, and support those in need.
For more information on how to register please visit our website