The reward staff want this Christmas

| October 2022

Are you wondering how to reward and say thank you to your employees, volunteers or clients this Christmas? How about a reward that supports local too? The Chichester Gift Card wraps up support for local, choice and convenience into one brilliant gift card, helping employers be a local hero.

Here’s how:

They drive spend in your local area. Over 79% of employees who receive a gift card through work make a specific visit into the town or city to spend it. And, almost 50% will spend their gift card within 3 months. Choosing The Chichester Gift Card for your team locks in spend to the local area, quickly.

They help your staff to support local. An August 2022 Town & City Gift Cards survey found that 99% of employees said that supporting local businesses is important to them for Christmas 2022. Giving your team a Chichester Gift Card turns that idea of supporting local into a real action that is transformative for your community.

They support all kinds of local businesses. The Chichester Gift Card can be spent with all types and sizes of businesses, from high street favourites to independents. By choosing a Chichester Gift Card, you’re showing your support for retail, hospitality, leisure, accommodation and more – all whilst giving your team unbeatable local choice they’ll appreciate.

They’re practical. Around 46% of people say they are either slightly or significantly worse off this year. According to research conducted by Town and City Gift Cards, 72% of employees said they would use their gift card from work on something practical. The great thing about The Chichester Gift Card is that there are lots of practical ways to spend them, from the weekly shop to a trip to the hairdressers. But if they want to treat themselves, they can do that too!

They’re better than cash. Believe it or not, most employees would rather receive a gift card than cash as part of their salary. First off, cash gets taxed, and secondly, cash as part of the salary often gets used on day to day expenses, whereas a gift card is a more mindful, memorable reward.

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