Business Opportunity

Chichester must remain attractive to new business investment and in turn, draw top talent who are seeking a progressive, career enhancing environment.

To support the medium-term business aspirations of the city and to potentialise the past experience of the BID team to the full, this priority will now have increased time focus. Stronger alliances within the business community will create B2B opportunities; in turn promoting Chichester as a key place to do business and ensuring shared success.


We will continue to:

– Offer the opportunity for the Chichester Gift Card in more than 140 city businesses

– Offer the opportunity for all BID Levy Payers to promote their business on the nationally based Loyalfree app

– Build on the footfall data gathering we have been doing during 2021

– To develop our e-newsletters. These are a great way to communicate key business priorities and marketing activities and a chance to recognise best practice within the city

What’s New?

Commercial Insight. We will deliver quantifiable, commercial insight to help BID Levy Payers to make better informed business decisions

Resource Bank. We will set up a resource bank of images, videos, social media graphics etc. – to be available to all BID Levy Payers to use free of charge

Key Business Relationships. We will build mutually beneficial relationships with key organisations that directly support business in Chichester, for example the Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Great Sussex Way

Retaining Young Talent. We will work in partnership with the University and College to bridge the gap between education and future careers – to encourage top talent to remain in the city and to develop a platform to support a strong, young, professional network in the city

Inward Investment. Working closely with Invest Chichester, we will proactively seek further inward investment and match funding opportunities to encourage creative and independent business into the city

Business Excellence. We will introduce quarterly business reviews and a Business Excellence Awards initiative to highlight and share best practice across all sectors

Voluntary Memberships. We will encourage BID levy voluntary membership with larger organisations currently not within the BID boundary.

Read on for more details about individual campaigns…

Chichester Gift Card

With over 140 participating businesses, our Chichester Gift Card is a great way to encourage spending within the city and keep money in the local economy. If your business is interested in joining the Chichester Gift Card scheme please click here.

LoyalFree App

A free to download, award-winning app that helps visitors and residents navigate around shopping areas and points of interest, and get the most out of special offers and events that individual businesses are running. The LoyalFree App is free to BID Levy Payers and provides a place to promote deals, interactive trails, event listings, tourist information and much more.

Photo Library

We have created an online library hosting a wide range of professional photographs of the city centre throughout the seasons. This is for businesses and partners to use for free to help with their marketing.

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