Chichester Festive Food Shopping

| November 2023

The festive season in Chichester is a time of enchantment and culinary delights. This year, let the magic of Christmas come alive as you embark on a culinary journey through our charming city. From crafting Christmas hampers to indulging in traditional sweets and enjoying ready-made platters, Chichester has it all. Here are the top Christmas food shopping ideas to make your festive season extra special.

Independent Delights: Locally-Sourced Christmas Magic

For those who want to create truly magical Christmas moments with locally-sourced food, Chichester’s independent gems offer a world of possibilities.

Refilled on North Street stands out as a beacon of sustainability and eco-consciousness. Not only can you source locally-produced food here, but you can also cut down on excessive packaging. Their incredible selection of whole foods, fresh produce, oils, vinegars, and more embodies the spirit of a wholesome, locally-inspired Christmas.

Manuka Wholefoods on East Street adds a whole new dimension to your festive season. Here, you’ll find organic fresh produce, nuts and dried fruits, as well as speciality products tailored to various dietary requirements. And as you explore The Barn’s Townhouse on East Street and The Barn’s Larder Little London, you’ll discover a treasure trove of local and luxury British food brands just waiting to be savoured and shared.

All these independently-owned and run businesses have curated an array of handpicked goodies for your Christmas table and for gifting. With a wide selection of unique, high-quality items, you can create a truly special and locally-inspired Christmas experience, or even craft the ultimate foodie Christmas hamper that’s both enchanting and meaningful.

Sourdough and Freshly Cooked Magic

Enhance your festive table by ordering fresh sourdough bakes from the independently-owned bakery and coffee shop, Serendipitous, where the art of artisanal bread is celebrated. These specialty breads make a wonderful addition to any Christmas cheese board, and the sweet sourdough delights will tantalise taste buds on Christmas or Boxing Day morning.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tasty turkey, gammon and cranberry pie or scrumptious sausage rolls from the award-winning, family-run Turner’s Pies. With gluten free and vegetarian options, their mouthwatering pastries add a touch of magic to your festive feasting.

Traditional Sweets and Chocolate Dreams

A visit to proudly independent The Sweet Jar on South Street offers a delightful assortment of traditional sweets, perfect for filling Christmas stockings and evoking nostalgia. Traditional Newsagents Good News at St Martins also boasts sweet stocking filler delights including selection packs, chocolate oranges and edible Christmas Tree treats.

Experience the magic of chocolate delights from Hotel Chocolat and Montezuma on East Street. These chocolate shops make for exquisite gifting or mouthwatering indulgences to share.

Christmas Markets

The array of Christmas markets taking place in Chichester offers a wonderful opportunity to choose locally made artisan products, from sparkling Sussex wines, craft beers and locally distilled gins to cheeses, fresh fudge, and more. Read our Christmas in Chichester Markets Guide for more.

Simple Festive Feasts

For those looking to make Christmas easier on themselves this year, M&S Food Hall and Cook on East Street have your back with a sensational selection of ready-prepared Christmas platters with all the trimmings that will delight your guests without the stress of cooking, allowing you to focus on the enchantment of the season rather than the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

Last-Minute Essentials

When the magic of Christmas is just around the corner, and you need last-minute shopping or essential items, Co-op on East Street, Tesco Express and Iceland on South Street are your trusted partners.

International Flavours 

For those seeking a taste of the world during the festive season, Chichester offers international supermarkets such as Krakow Market, where you can discover a diverse range of international cuisines, from aromatic spices to alternative ingredients, making your Christmas celebrations truly global.

Delightful Dining

If the thought of cooking this Christmas fills you with dread, discover our Festive Dining in Chichester Guide for delightful dining experiences in the city. It’s your key to a stress-free and truly enchanting Christmas.

Chichester is brimming with magic during the festive season. Whether you’re creating personalised Christmas hampers, a homemade menu loaded with local flavours, savouring the traditional sweets of yesteryear, indulging in luxurious chocolates, or simplifying your festive feasts, Christmas in Chichester has it all.