Little Hoots Trail

Launching on 2nd July, The Little Hoots Trail is part of The Big Hoot – an art trail organised by Chestnut Tree House  featuring magnificent owl sculptures across Chichester and Arundel.

The Little Hoots Trail offers an extra injection of fun specifically aimed at younger visitors, but will be enjoyed by all ages!

What is the Little Hoots Trail?

The Little Hoots Trail is a wonderfully vibrant addition to Chichester city centre, inviting young people to engage in a creative and educational adventure around the streets of our historic city. Mini owlets have been designed and decorated by local schools and groups, and will be on display in various businesses, celebrating the incredible talent of our younger residents.

Where to Find the Owlets

The Little Hoots Trail will take you on an adventure through the city centre, with each owlet proudly displayed in the windows of local businesses and organisations. Young artists have passionately created these unique pieces, and their efforts have been supported by the sponsorship of various organisations.

Below are the locations where you can find these colourful sculptures and their proud sponsors. Be sure to look out for the owls while you’re in the city this summer to see their wonderful designs and unique names.

We are incredibly grateful to the businesses that have agreed to host an owlet in their windows. Their support not only showcases the artistic talents of Chichester’s younger generation but also strengthens our community spirit.

  1. Chichester Library
  2. The Novium Museum
  3. Penny Plain
  4. Richard Tildesley Practice
  5. We Are Yarn
  6. Stephen Lawrence Ladies Wear
  7. Howden Insurance
  8. The Entertainer
  9. Mooch
  10. Cherry Vintage
  11. Ideal Window Solutions
  12. Pallant House Gallery
  13. Albaray
  14. Bunch
  15. Dartagnan Menswear
  16. Sandra’s Cafe, St Martins
  17. Artisan Gallery
  18. Open Design Studio
  19. Chichester Liberal Democrats
  20. Chestnut Tree House

Join the Fun

The Little Hoots Trail officially opens on 2nd July and runs until 1st September, so gather your family and friends for a day of exploration and fun. This trail is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere while appreciating the creativity of the young designers involved.