Meet The Artist Behind Our Owl

Meet The Talented Artist Behind Chichester BID’s Big Hoot Owl

Get ready to embark on a vibrant and exciting adventure this summer with The Big Hoot Chichester and Arundel! Organised by local charity Chestnut Tree House in collaboration with Wild In Art, this free family art trail features 30 beautifully designed owl sculptures, each created by a talented artist. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Shilpi Sharma, the creative genius behind the stunning Chichester BID-sponsored owl.

Q&A with Shilpi Sharma

Q. Can You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself?

I’m a visual artist based out of Cheltenham, nestled against the picturesque Cotswolds. Ever since my early days, I have enjoyed drawing and painting, finding zen in creating and making various things, from paintings to crafts, embroideries and bead work. With experience in various art competitions, gallery exhibitions and art society showcases, I have honed my skills and artistic talent. The Big Hoot Chichester and Arundel is the fourth Wild In Art trail I’ve been part of, and I am thrilled to participate, especially since it supports such a noble cause.

Q. What inspired you to create your owl design for Chichester?

I found inspiration in the rich history and vibrant culture of Chichester. I wanted to celebrate the city’s iconic landmarks, including its majestic Cathedral, and the delightful blend of urban buzz and tranquil green spaces. My owl captures the essence of Chichester’s serene walking paths and cultural heritage, showcasing a city that perfectly balances its lively urban life and peaceful natural beauty. This city’s charm and balance were the perfect muse for my design.

Q. Can you tell us about the process of bringing your owl to life?

Creating this magnificent owl was no small feat! I dedicated several hours each day to researching and capturing the key elements of Chichester. My Cheltenham studio was buzzing with excitement as I brought my vision to life over two to three weeks. My impressionist style adds a touch of magic to my work, capturing light, ambience and colours in a way that goes beyond photographs. I constantly try to improve my work with regular readings, workshops, visits to museums and studying forms, which all contributed to this project.

Q. What makes your owl unique and fun for families?

I hope my owl will be considered more than just a pretty face when people come to look at it. I’ve tried to create a sculpture that is fun and interactive as well. I want families to have fun finding hidden elements within the design, like the tiny boat, the little swan, and the numerous flowers. Perhaps people will count how many owl feathers they can find? Also, can they spot different shapes like the rectangles in the eyes and the rhombuses scattered throughout? I hope the hidden gems within my design make my owl stand out and become an engaging experience for all ages.

Q. How do you feel about the upcoming art trail?

I can’t wait to visit Chichester with my family in the summer holidays. I’m looking forward to seeing my owl in its new home and experiencing the joy and excitement it brings to the community. My dedicated studio space in Cheltenham was filled with creativity and energy as I worked on this project, and now it’s time to share that joy with you!


We look forward to welcoming you to Chichester to discover the Chichester BID owl and the other amazing owl sculptures dotted around the city as part of the The Big Hoot Chichester and Arundel.

This art trail not only showcases incredible artistic talent but also supports the vital work of Chestnut Tree House, making it a truly special event for everyone.

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